Mattakeese Wharf

 Cape Cod Waterfront Seafood Restaurant 

273 Millway Road, Barnstable, MA 02630  (Map)

Reservations: 508-362-4511

Give a Mattakeese Gift Card

A Mattakeese Gift Card makes a great gift for birthdays, for the holidays, or for any day. Order yours by US Mail. Simply send us your check, made out to Mattakeese Wharf  in the amount you like, and we will mail you your gift card. If you want multiple cards, just include a note to tell us, say, “two $100 gift cards, please”. 

Be sure to include your own mailing address so we know where to send them!

Mattakeese Wharf, P.O.Box 558, Barnstable MA 02630

MAP: 273 Millway, Barnstable, MA 02630

Next to the Whale Watch boat

Reservations: 508-362-4511

Open 11:30am-9pm, 7 days