Mattakeese Wharf

Cape Cod Waterfront Seafood Restaurant
On the Harbor, Barnstable Village

Inside & outside table dining & takeout, too!

Mattakeese follows all safety precautions

Here is what we are doing to keep you safe:

• We have extra bussers working so that they can sanitize tables, chairs, salt & pepper, ketchup, anything that goes to a table. And after the wine list, drink list & specials menu go to a table, they are set aside to be sanitized.

• Valets have hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes to wipe down key fobs & steering wheels for everyone’s protection.

• Tables inside are 6 to 7 feet apart. Outside, the picnic tables were carefully measured to be 6 feet apart.

• Kitchen staff are trained to follow all Serve Safe rules.

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